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Leasebusters Video Listings

If a "picture is worth a thousand words" just imagine the impact of a video!!

Leasebusters is proud to announce video footage capability on lease-take-over listings in order to further enhance the start of the Buying and Selling process and experience. Lease-take-over Buyers can now watch a 2 minute video "starring" a Leasebusters Lease-Take-Over vehicle. The powered videos are located on participating Sellers’ Details Page which would allow all the interested Buyers to "watch" the entire vehicle in a virtual reality video setting.

Sample Video

If you have an active listing on Leasebusters and have not received your email invitation to add a video to your details page, please follow the instructions below. If you are looking to get into or get out of an existing lease, click on the appropriate button and start the Buying or Selling process.

Post your vehicle-video instructions

  • Take a 2 minute video of your vehicle. Please take the video in an area that has a nice backdrop with appropriate lighting. Click on the following link to see a sample of an ideal 2 minute video.
    • Do not have any people or narrative in the video
    • Focus on the exterior, interior and major options (navigation/leather/moonroof/etc)
    • Video all around the vehicle so the viewer can (virtually) see the whole car.
    • //

  • Upload the vehicle onto You are going to need a YouTube account; if you do not have an account, click on the following link and sign up:
    • Be certain to properly describe your vehicle on YouTube (year/make/model); make certain you include the name Leasebusters and your ID# for identification purposes.

  • Once the video is on YouTube; simply copy and paste the link (of the video) and email it to us at [email protected] please include the ID # of your vehicle.
  • The Leasebusters media team will upload the video onto your Details page
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