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Buyer Assistance

Front of the Line

Vehicles on LeaseBusters have always sold quickly due to the popularity of lease-take-overs and the high volume of LeaseBusters.com traffic looking to take over a lease.

This challenge has been amplified since the worldwide microchip shortage has affected automakers from manufacturing new cars and causing Canadian new car dealership inventory to fall to record lows. Some dealerships only have a few days’ supply.

The new car inventory shortage had several trickle-down effects resulting in used car shortages and lease-take-over inventory shortages.

It has become increasingly difficult for some LeaseBusters buyers to secure and finalize a lease-take-over deal because there is so much competition for all the available inventory that sells within hours or a few days.

If you need a vehicle badly and don’t have the time to continuously search and call sellers, LeaseBusters has an all-new program where we can move you to the Front of the Line on the available new listings.

If you are interested in moving to the Front of the Line, please fill out the form below or call the LeaseBusters head-office at 888-357-2678 and ask to speak with a Leasing Specialist.

Front of the Line is a paid service, ask your Leasing Specialist for all the details...