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Do you want or need to get out of your lease?

Here’s how it works

The LeaseBusters Lease-Take-Over method is the only way to get out of your vehicle lease without paying huge termination or lease deficiency fees. We've got a proven track record since 1990...

The Steps

LeaseBusters evaluates the market position of your current lease to determine if the Lease-Take-Over audience (Buyers) will consider the lease attractive.

We make your vehicle and lease package listing available to tens of thousands of qualified Lease-Take-Over Buyers on our website and partner websites.

A Lease-Take-Over Buyer is found and the Buyer & Seller follow the Leasing Checklist to complete the lease transfer transaction.

After the credit check has been approved, the Lease-Take-Over Buyer signs on and the Lease-Take-Over Seller signs off on the lease transfer contract drafted by the leasing company.

To get started, click on the Lease Evaluation button and our Leasing Specialists will help you find someone to take over your lease.

Lease Evaluation   

Innovation, Experience and your personal Leasing Specialist

LeaseBusters pioneered the Lease-Take-Over (LTO) concept. We've helped thousands of clients save a significant amount of money and time. Your personal Leasing Specialist will be there to guide you all the way.

Lease-Take-Over Marketing Campaign

Your LeaseBusters Leasing Specialist works with all the current and historical vehicle data, our proprietary lease transfer data and the information about your vehicle/lease to draft a marketing campaign specifically tailored to sell your vehicle quickly and efficiently.

Large Display Listing (Details Page)

Your listing includes a complete description of the vehicle, a lease summary, your comments and your contact information; everything a Buyer needs to know about your vehicle and your lease and how to make arrangements to take over your lease.

Vast Unlimited Exposure

Your vehicle will be advertised until it sells! We partnered with many of the largest local, provincial, and national websites and print media to get your vehicle maximum exposure. Our blanket marketing approach ensures we direct as much traffic as possible to LeaseBusters.com.

Low Cost and Savings

If you've talked to your dealer, you know how expensive it can be to get out of your lease, but not at LeaseBusters. Our one-time fee is only $299.00 plus applicable taxes. Other fees/disbursements associated with the Lease-Take-Over and/or a cash incentive may be required. Your Leasing Specialist will do an evaluation as well as go over all of the details with you at no charge.