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Volvo of Windsor
Local: 519-972-6561 | Fax: 519-735-1000
1150 Provincial Road
Windsor, Ontario  N8W5W2
Toll free: 866-308-8399

Volvo of Windsor : Lease Transfer Policies and Protocol

Lease Transfer Contact Person(s)
  Name: Shawn Pollard Email address: [email protected]
  Name: Email address:
  Name: Email address:
Leasing Company(s) represented by dealership
  • Name: Volvo Credit
  • Name: 
Lease Transfer Fees
  • Name of the Leasing Company: Volvo Credit Fees: $450.00
  • Name of the Leasing Company: 0Fees: $0.00


Dealer Admin Fee (if any)
  • Transfer fee:  $0.00
Lease Transfer Timeline (in business days)
  • Please allow 4 business days for credit application to be approved and
    for the leasing company to send the paperwork to the dealership


Special Instructions: