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Photo Guidelines

Before you take photos

Please wash and vacuum your vehicle. If the floor mats are dirty or salt stained, remove them. Remove all loose items from the seats, dash, console and rear view mirror. Straighten the steering wheel, turn the vehicle on and have something interesting displayed on the media screen.

Find an attractive location outside, away from other vehicles, garbage cans or recycle bins, with good lighting. Make sure you have room to move around the whole vehicle so you can take pictures from a variety of angles.

Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression.


Take pictures in landscape mode (wider than tall). This is the default setting for most cameras. If you’re using the camera in your cell phone, please turn the phone sideways for ALL pictures.

Photo Size

Save your photos as 800x600 pixels or higher. Using a lower resolution makes the vehicle seem blurry. If you use a higher resolution, the photos still need to be saved as 800x600 so your listing page will load faster. Pictures wider and shorter than 800x600 will be adjusted to fit; making them appear smaller and possibly losing impact.

NO People

We have a strict policy and do not permit photos with people in them; no matter how good you look in a bathing suit.

Exterior Shots

Buyers want to see the whole vehicle in every picture, so they can get a feel for its condition. When you omit certain panels, they may think that you are trying to hide areas that are damaged. Use the 10 examples below as your guideline for taking photos.

Photo 1: Front and one side from the corner
Photo 2: Back and other side of vehicle
Photo 3: Side profile
Photo 4: Alloy wheel or engine compartment
Photo 5: Front Seats
Photo 6: Back Seats
Photo 7: Dashboard
Photo 8: Navigation or backup camera
Photo 9: A Cool Selling Feature (sunroof, DVD entertainment, winter tires, etc)
Photo 10: Trunk or Cargo Area